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How To Create a Kick-ass Article For Your Blog

It is an undeniable fact that content writing is considered to be an important criteria to be taken into consideration when producing a kick-ass blog post. Gone are the days when blogging is only seen as a medium for self-expression and rantings but modern businesses in this modern era has turned to blogging to increase their online presence. Thus, merchants go online to showcase themselves and build traffic to their blog which in turn has the magical ability to convert their target audience into customers. Easy and straightforward as it may sound but most do not have the slightest idea on how to produce a reliable and substantial article for this purpose. Fret not, our nerdy yet smashing team of content writers have graciously spent their precious time to sit down with us over a cup of Americano in sharing simple yet astounding tips on producing a good article for your blog. Put on your seat-belt (well, maybe not Grey Koh) and go on this journey with us now.

1. Fellow OCD victims, keep your points well-organised by proper use of Title and Headings.

What wins you readership is in fact a good entry point to the article itself. What irks readers is none other than an article that goes on forever without a clear title or direction. Having a good title (and a sub-title) matters as they rule of thumb is that a good title attracts the eye of the beholder (sorry, had to use this phrase) before your reader digest your content. Headings and sub-headings present your information in a clear and concise way so make use of those numbers and bullet forms to increase the readability of your article.

2. The classic short and sweet please.

Yes, we get it. Nobody is willing to invest the whole day just to read and digest your superb but lengthy article that could even qualify as a novel. Exaggerations aside, simplify your language where possible and include as many keywords as possible. Keywords are essential in increasing organic searches to your site. Search engine optimization relies hugely on this for main search engines to index and deem your content to be reliable and first-page worthy.

3. Paragraphing and reader-friendly text.

As mentioned before, having an enticing title paired with a clear and structured way of presenting your content in forms of paragraph greatly increase readability and maintain the flow of reading on your target audience’s part. Fonts and typography is another area to be taken into consideration as cursive fonts decorating your writings might not be a wise move after all. So, keep your artistic juice from flowing and just stick to basics. In general, keep your paragraphs short as the length of your article brings a huge impact as well. Too long, it irks. Too short, it is deem to be inadequate.

4. Be of substance.

Every information that you have provided has to be credible and reliable if you are looking into creating a community that is there to stay. Do your research beforehand so that you know what you are presenting. You wouldn’t want to share the wrong information to your precious readers don’t you. A good article ensures that your website only shares content-rich information and not just one that blabs. Good content means that people who are reading your article get what they want be it tutorials, reviews or any form of knowledge.

5. Be a story-teller BUT not a long-winded one.

We can never stress enough that short and sweet wins the game but no puns intended, we are here to stress something different and that is the voice behind your article. Our team of gracious content writers can never stress enough that a narrative voice of presenting your content beats perhaps the most-used authoritative one that always seem to teach you on what to do and what not to do. Therefore, use more collective terms or even include your audience more through the use of more WEs rather that YOUs. If the main purpose of your article is to give out instructions, begin your article with an enticing story to attract the attention of your target audience.

6. Show and tell wins the race.

The old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and we can never stress this enough. Most internet-users tend to go for visuals rather than words nowadays. Nah, we can’t say that they are lazy but they are not as nerdy as our dedicated team of content writers. (a big thank you to you, Remy C aka Jeremy Chiu). Include adequate pictures to your blog post but on this note, our editing team suggests using your own original images and not the ever convenient ones taken from stock image sites. Nothing wins over originality right but if you wanna improve the aesthetic value of your images, you are always welcome to sought for our service on image-editing (no advertisement purpose intended).

There you have it. We hope that the list above does answer your questions on how to produce a smashing article for your blog and happy blogging! Having said, we always welcome any enquiries on content writing should you would rather stick to professional help for your precious content.

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