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What You Should Do After You Have a Website?

1. Update your website, theme and plugins

Technology is ever-changing and developing over time and so does software. Despite the WordPress team constantly adding in more and more astounding features, reports of bugs have been on the rise too. Thus, you will easily be at risk of being a victim of network attacks if you do not update your WordPress website (theme and plugins too). Hackers could easily take control of your website where they might manipulate your information or worse, insert malicious code to steal important data from you and your clients/visitors. What’s worse is when you can no longer access your website and if you do not backup any of your files, you are fated to lose them forever. Thus, we strongly suggest you to update your website regularly and the same goes to theme and plugins. Try those updates in the initial stages before applying them to your live site.

2. Schedule back-ups both online and offline

Back-up is the most essential practice that should be carried out by the website owner or their maintenance team. As mentioned above, if your website is being hijacked or when you accidentally break your website while updating the theme or plugins used, a back-up file can save you from the disaster. You wouldn’t want to lose all of your precious files don’t you. Honestly, we have been through this unwanted disaster ourselves in the initial stage of our learning process as well and we do not want the same thing to happen to you. Due to this, we always take customer service very seriously and will constantly improve our services in helping clients to ensure that their precious information and content are intact and not lost. Nevertheless, although CreazyBloc provides our clients with daily backup service and stores the files up to 14 days, we still recommend you to download your website files and export the database of your website before storing them locally in your PC.

3. Produce relevant content for your website.

Many website owners are not only unaware of the importance of updating their theme and plugins but sadly to say, they are even too reluctant to constantly produce relevant content for their website despite knowing that a content-rich website increases reliability besides making it into the first page of search engines alike. Therefore, it can be said that a content-rich website does not only attract more traffic but it helps to build your reputation as a business too. We strongly believe that potential clients or visitors tend to be drawn to an active website as compared to an inactive one. With that, we strongly encourage all website owners to religiously produce content and by saying content, we mean relevant ones that can bring great benefits to users. Most internet users are seeking for solutions when they surf the net anyways. Our team of strong content creators and writers are only more than willing to lend a helping hand should you still find producing great and relevant content to be a daunting subject.

4. Installing Google Analytic to trace your visitors and audiences

Business owners nowadays do not only rely on a good website to sell and share but they are beginning to be wiser in knowing the behavioral patterns of their visitors. This is a very important are to study upon and we took it upon ourselves along with the help of our technical team here at Creazy Bloc in testing various websites’ responsiveness. One such savior is the installation of Google Analytics where the benefits can be said to be of immense help to help us know the behavior of visitors who surf a particular website. With the installation of Google Analytics, you are able to know where your visitors come from and even the duration where they stick at your website. Knowing which part of the website or even pages that they have a tendency to linger around helps you in the planning process on how to entice them and to increase conversion. Besides, Google Analytics has the ability to let you find out the devices that your visitors use while viewing your website as responsiveness of website is of crucial importance. Nothing beats putting your website to good use and to increase the conversion that you have always wanted for your business.

5. Check the loading speed of your website

Truthfully, nothing is more annoying than accessing a website with turtle-speed and this will only add up to our frustrations. Trust us when we say that we have come across various websites that are both flashy and wise but the loading speed of the websites immediately dampen our spirits. This is an important criteria to be taken into consideration when launching your new website as you would want happy visitors that will come back to your website don’t you. They will only be too pleased to get what they want in a fast and efficient manner and not having to click the refresh button constantly. Various channels provide you with the opportunity to check your website’s speed and strongly recommend Google Pagespeed Insights, GTMetrix and Pingdom. Time is precious! Nobody is willing to spend more than 5 seconds to access your website. Clients get impatient easily and for online merchants, you will lose much in revenue for a laggy and slow checkout process.

6. Remember to renew your domain or else, it could belong to others in a flash.

Although we could never stress enough that it is essential to constantly update your website and even your theme and plugins, it is equally important to renew your domain fast after it has expired to avoid losing it to the others. Therefore, always put in much care and intention to your website and we can assure you that you will only reap the benefits of it. You definitely do not want to allow the registration of your website to just go by under your nose and allow somebody else to take it away even when you were the owner of it for so long. After claiming your domain, they can then upload a site and take control of it. So, don’t let your territory fall under the hands of others. True, you may say that this does not mean that they will gain control of your website and the content in it that you have painstakingly put up but still, they will have the authority attached to your domain.

We hope that the steps provided by our dedicated team have enlightened you on the crucial steps to be taken after you have owned a website and we welcome any enquiries pertaining to the topic above. Our team of customer service personnel are only more than happy to answer your questions. If you still find making updates, producing relevant content and maintaining your website to be daunting, do not hesitate to sought out our services or simply book for an appointment for our coaching session. So long, and till the next time.

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