Why Do You Need a Website?

Most would view the idea of owning a website to be part of a formal business or entrepreneurs but we at Creazy Bloc believes in the notion that ALL CAN OWN A WEBSITE. Yes, you heard it right. Each and every individual can benefit from owning a website and believe us when we say that people from all walks of life is capable of owning a website be it a corporate website or a personal one.

Online activities are mushrooming in this modern era and it is not a surprising fact that most of us are guilty of turning to search engines for various purposes. These purposes could be to search for information, to entertain ourselves or even to keep up with the latest news and updates. Raise your hands if you are guilty as charged just like us! Contrary to beliefs of many, owning a website does not mean that you have to be someone who is an expert in coding. With the right coaching and training, one can own a website and maintain it in the long run.
Still not convinced yet? Yes, we understand your situation. We have come across various individuals who are cult believers of the power of word-of-mouth for their businesses or simply people who do not care a hoot about the relevance of having a website due to the fact that they are just laymen who freeze with the idea of having to face the technical stuff behind setting up a website. Fret not, we are going to list down five main reasons that you can definitely resonate to. So, take our hand and join us on this journey of ours.

1. Showcase

Whether you are a business owner wanting to sell your products or an educator who aspires to educate the world, a website can be a great platform for you to showcase your products and services. Even job-seekers or students can benefit from building their own portfolio and credentials online. So fret not and trust us, even a housewife can find sales just by displaying images of her wonderfully creations just for the fun of it.

2. Sharing

The internet has since become the first place for you to seek answers to daily enquiries and most of us are bound to turn to websites and blogs for answers in our daily life. A website could prove to be a platform for you to share your story as a business, experience or even to share your emotions to the world. Gone were the days when blogging is regarded as an online diary. Most blogs these days have the power of generating leads and traffic that will in turn generate profits.

3. Search Engine Results

Most consumers do online research prior to making a purchase in the hopes of making a wise purchase. This is particular true for businesses in having a website to present their brand story. If you do not own a website for your business, this could mean zero chances in people finding out about your business, much less the products and services that you provide. Owning a website means that you can optimize it for search engines which enables you to have the opportunity to on the higher ranks in search engines, thus increasing your website’s visibility among potential customers.

4. Speed

An online platform in particular in e-commerce stores could benefit from the speed of sending out a product to the public as compared to brick and mortar businesses. Efficiency is key here. A website can boost your sales and revenue where information can be displayed and sent out in a faster and more efficient way. Combining your website with marketing tools such as e-mail marketing can help you to reach out to your potential clients and generate sales.

5. Social Proof

Integrate your social media platforms into your website to increase your reliability as a business. Most consumers would admit that online reviews and testimonials online heavily influence their purchasing decisions. Include these in your website and increase your followers on social media platforms or even subscribers.

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